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Object-oriented reengineering Patterns Software Evolution

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My main field of research is Software Engineering, with a special interest in Reengineering and in Object-Oriented Development. Due to historical reasons, I maintain a heavy interest in Hypermedia, although I don't do any active research in that area anymore.

The best summary of my research can be found in a high-profile article I was invited to write. Quite an interesting read …

Here's a list of research topics I am working on.

To read more on my research check out It's probably also worthwhile to check out the web-sites of the research groups I am participating in.

There is also a handy research report (in PDF) about LORE's achievements for the period 2000 - 2008.

Tutorial: "Research Methods in Computer Science"

The last decade I supervised a significant amount of PhD students, served in numerous PhD committees and reviewed a countless number of papers. I have condensed all my experience in a Tutorial entitled "Research Methods in Computer Science" which has been taught at a few recent software engineering conferences (ASE 2010, ICSM 2011). All material regarding that tutorial can be found at

Selected Publications

Here are some key papers that reflect well my current (and past) research. For a complete overview of what I wrote (or helped writing), it is better to check my publication list.

Reengineering Patterns

Reverse Engineering (Program Understanding)

Maintainable Tests

Mining software repositories


Code Duplication (clone detection)




Scientific Events

All events are listed in reverse chronological order.

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Keynotes, Presentations and Tutorials

Journal Reviewing

I reviewed for most of the software engineering journals in our field, including

Promotor of PhD

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Expertise and Consultancy

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